After a cardiac event, you want to thrive, not just survive!

I believe I am lucky! 
No matter how harsh things have been I have got through it and so can you. I will share with you how you can access all of the magic stored within you. You can use it to help yourself to feel good now, not just good let’s go for amazing.

Depending upon how you deal with life changing events will shape your life. Let’s do this together, let’s make it the shape you want it to be.


I believe life happens for us and not to us. It’s cliché I know but everything happens for a reason. At the time of the happening we may not know why, but we can always choose to find the upside, the positive and use it to move us forward to our hopes and dreams of happiness. With this in mind let’s make your life a life you choose to live and to love.

Emotional Rehabilitation after a Heart Attack

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How is your emotional and physical well-being?

Your life changing event can be described as something experienced by your that alters your life or circumstances in a substantial way. The experience can be seemingly trivial to others but has a great emotional, psychological and/or physical effect on you, the person who is experiencing it.

Life altering experiences can be positive or negative. They can be of your own design or out of your control. No matter if the change is good or bad; it’s your reaction and perception, the effect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be very different to what you might have expected.

Your life will never be the same but you can create how you think, feel and react regardless of the change. You can love life, live life and create your life in your unique way.

My life’s ups and downs

Most recently on the 17th February 2016, my worldSallie Crawley Laughing came crashing down around me. I thought I was invincible and immortal until the moment I ruptured my Achilles tendon during my weekly exercise class. Fair enough, in a purple plaster cast and unable to drive, hey I will get through this.

Then, 4 weeks later, 21st March 2016 I had terrible indigestion and couldn’t sleep. I felt a bit unwell and achy eventually 3 days later I went to GP for help with the wind. Surprise, surprise, it was a massive heart attack. What the hell, no worries I am sure it will be okay.

Now that would be enough you might think, I was on the floor. How could it happen to me? It wasn’t fair! What was the point of life? I would sit and cry for no reason, just so very sad and unhappy.

Time to pull myself together! Not so much, as in June 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Certainly not what I was expecting but I survived and I now thrive.


I was not going to let this beat me. I’m now happier and more focused. I have an awesome life’s purpose. I love life, live life and create the life I want to live.
What’s my magic?

Is this you?

  • You don't accept what's happened. You don't understand how you will deal with it. You're not sure about the situation, yourself or what is possible. You know things have changed but it's just not fair.
  • You're so tired out, physically and emotionally exhausted. You just can't be bothered, what's the point in anything.
  • You find yourself asking ‘why me’. There's no hope, it will never change, so what about the future.
  • There is no reason to get out of bed. Can't be bothered to take care of yourself. No vision for the future. No motivation.
  • Feelings of anxiety, fear or panic. Wanting to forget about everything and just get through the day. Not wanting to do anything or try anything new.
  • Being lost, not knowing what to do first. Trying everything and hoping something will work or miraculously go back to how it was before.

I can help you

  • To accept the situation, yourself, what was and what is, along with your limitations. You will know that different is good, if not better. To know that even change changes , and there is always a new normal just around the corner.
  • To gain energy to fuel your ‘new normal’ and any recovery. This is your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • To create hope for the future, to look forward and find ways of focusing on what you want so you can live and love life.
  • To find your purpose, your meaning, the get up and go that has you jumping out of bed in the morning. Your ‘thing’ that makes you feel real and good.
  • To get out of your own way. You can rid yourself of doubt. You can grow your self belief. Have the confidence to step (at first, then leap) right outside of your comfort zone.
  • To know your path, the direction you want to take. Your overall goal, where to start, the steps to take, what is needed to achieve it and the support that you will need.

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BE empowered to BE you, to BE magnificent and to BE in your life right NOW!

What others have to say

I have not touched chocolate, cake or biscuits since I saw you and I feel totally amazing.


An incredibly relaxing experience and days later I’m still feeling the benefits.


Once I got back on the road again my confidence began to grow daily. There was light at the end of the tunnel.


After years of pills, depression and even a counsellor. I found myself growing more confident and happy with every passing day.

Every day
100000heart beats
2000gallons of blood pumped
60000miles of blood vessels
20% more blood flow from belly laughter