Just before her 50th birthday Tena was admitted to hospital with unstable angina, and this was just the beginning of her story.

Tena lives with many cardiac and respiratory chronic illnesses and she shares with us her journey, and her coping mechanisms that helped her with her glass half full outlook despite the many changes to her life.

She talks about her diagnosis and some of the procedures she has undergone, including TOE (Transoesophageal Echocardiogram) and explains what that is. We also talk about acceptance of using a CPAP machine at night, how scary the thought is compared to reality.

Tena shares her thoughts about honesty with the people that love you.

We talk about fear, and how not knowing or understanding can add to the worry. We also continue to discuss becoming confident and that you need to be your own advocate with your medical team. She shares her top tips for making the most of medical and hospital appointments.

Tena shares her top tip for managing your emotions and thoughts is about using your voice. How finding people who share similar experiences, can help you not with the medical side but with how it was for them. She shares her story about the support she got from finding Facebook groups on the internet.

Another topic we discuss is about the importance of acceptance, and liking the new you after diagnosis.

Tena talks us through what motivates her, how having a mobility scooter is of great benefit to family life and the impact of her health on her mental health.

And so much more, did I mention one of the key tips from Tena is to talk ….

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010 Interview with Tena Kennedy, life with chronic illnesses
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One thought on “010 Interview with Tena Kennedy, life with chronic illnesses

  • That was really interesting with Tena Kennedy. I have talked via facebook heart group Belles Hearties to Tena and know personally, Claire Berauche.
    Yes you need to use your vouce and get support is crucial. I was born with peadiactric cadiovascular disease had which occured because my mum had rubella in first three minths of pregnancy…I was born with heart murmur and neurosensory deafness, and cattaract on right eye. Now partially sighted. Have asthma too now! Had AVR op for aorta stenosis 2016. Had several operations. At the moment my heart seems stable…but recently diagnosed with Cardio Vascular Dementia due to my heart not pumping blood and oxygen to the brain hence neurons are dying…this has been biggest most devastating thing had to deal with there is no meds to cure, arrest, or assist it. I will end up becoming completely unable to do everything as memory/learning/thinking even things like ability to walk, talk, see, hear, swollow and breathing will go and swollowing . …your body basically closes down. Tena has aortic issue i had. Ive had scans, toe, angiograms, echocardiograms etc same…I kice alone, aged 68 and single never married or had children so had to I guess live with face everything alone!

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