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Nicky was 44 years old, a fit and healthy mum of 3. She is not the stereotypical candidate for a heart attack.

She went to see her doctor as she began to feel unwell. The doctor suggested it was indigestion so Nicky took the recommended Gaviscon. Unbeknown to her that her symptoms were angina. 

Nicky shares with us how five months later she’d been up all night with chest pain, although it was more in her back than her chest. “It was like having a red, hot poker being thrust between my shoulder blades and twisted. It wasn’t the stereotypical symptoms you read about or see on TV”.

She does go to A&E but feels like a fraud, she thinks that it’s a chest infection and that she’s wasting time. Luckily for Nicky, the staff recognise the signs of a heart attack and swiftly move her though to the resuscitation room.

Not the stereotypical candidate for a heart attack

Hear how Nicky was transferred to another hospital, was told she had ischemic heart disease. What happened when she was told she required open-heart surgery, a triple bypass. We talk about her time in the hospital leading up to the surgery. She shares how unprepared she was for what she was going to be going through.

It wasn’t long before Nicky’s bypass failed and she was soon back in the hospital with another heart attack. She tells me about feeling out of control. Find out about her strong words of wisdom about what not to do when being treated.

She shares her feelings with us the positive way she looks at life. Nicky is now 8 years on and believes in living life and enjoying herself. She tells us what has helped her through her recovery.

You can find Nicky in the Hearties Group we mention on Facebook.

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Survivorship after a life-changing event can be challenging. You can rebuild the puzzle of your life and thrive. It takes one beat at a time and the support of people that have had similar experiences.

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015 Interview with Nicky Duncan-Sutherland – Not your typical heart disease stereotype
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