How to help a heart attack survivor


After a cardiac event having stents, pace makers and other bits fitted isn’t the fix that most people think. You can help! It’s only the beginning of a long road back to recovery. Both the survivors and their loved ones need support and understanding. The event can and indeed does change not only survivor’s lives, but the lives of those around and close to them. With the best will in the world you try to help someone you love and care about. You want to support your cardiac warrior. But…

How to help your body, help you to sleep well

Insomnia, sleep Waking up

Why is sleep important? You cannot survive without sleep it is as important as air, food and water! You need to be able to sleep well. It enhances health as you body heals and rejuvenates as you rest. It also helps lower risks of serious illnesses such as heart problems and cancer. Some research suggests that it may help with weight control. Sleep also gives you energy, aids memory and learning, reduces stress and helps maintain a positive mood. Why is sleep important to mood? A normal sleep pattern comprises…

How to change your behaviours to help you get a good night’s sleep

Sound asleep

I can’t sleep! You can’t get to sleep; you’re feeling tired and yet when you get into bed ‘ping’ eyes open and wide awake? Then you spend the night tossing and turning, berating yourself for not sleeping? You wake as if you haven’t slept a wink!   What good is sleep? Sleep is critical for your body and mind’s well-being, it simply works best when you’ve had the right amount of rest, this is between seven and eight hours sleep (up to 9½ hours if you’re a teen). Sleep gives your brain…