How to get your happy back with 5 positive things

How to get your happy back

No matter how much you want to have positive thoughts. No matter how many times you remind yourself (and others) to stop focusing on the negative. It is never as easy as it seems. You know it will enrich your life. Yet you keep slipping back into the thoughts that erode away your confidence, your self belief and your motivation. You can get your happy back. Negative and positive thoughts   The benefits negative moods, feelings and thoughts can provide: • Clear focus and great when problem solving • More attention…

How to self manage your pain, my 5 top tips

Ilizarov fixator pain

How do you live with pain that is overwhelming and feels like it is never going to end? It stops you in your tracks and can make it seem impossible to live life in an enjoyable and relaxing way. It can make you tired, irritable and unable to get any comfort. Why does it hurt so much? How do you make it stop? How do you self manage your pain? Warning lights Unlike cars you don’t come with warning lights. Our vehicles have lights on the dashboard that let you know when…