Facts to help you quit smoking after a heart attack

Dog smoking with hat and earring

How long have you smoked? Being a smoker since the age of 14 it took my heart attack at 52 to make me decide once and for all to quit smoking. I had heard and read about some of the facts, the good reasons to quit, but it hadn’t made a difference until it happened to me. As I think back to all the years I have heard many tales both good and bad about how easy or difficult it is to give up. This has influenced my beliefs and…

You can feel fine after a heart attack

Young boy meditating in a field.

In my last post I focussed on how you can help yourself with your emotional rehabiliation and at the same time be helping others to feel good too. Now it is all about you, yes really. You can feel fine after a heart attack. After a cardiac event you may feel like you’ll never feel fine again. It’s not the case, you just need a little time, cardiac rehabiliation for the body and the mind.  It’s time to share with you activities to calm your mind, care for your body,…

How to help yourself and help others as you recover after a heart attack and stents

Man smiling and encouraging you to smile back. Go on you know you want to.

The next couple of activities come from my feeling good handbook. They are about how to help yourself and help others as you recover after a heart attack and stents. They are about how our shared experiences can boost the feel good factor in ourselves and the people we meet throughout our recovery. Sometimes we want to help ourselves feel good and get wrapped up in our own world. We dare not to venture outside our own reality and don’t want to interact with others as we think that they…