Quit smoking or vaping with hypnotherapy and coaching

Quit smoking and vaping with hypnosis and life coaching

Are you considering having hypnotherapy? Hypnosis to stop smoking or vaping has proved to be successful in helping people to quit easily and effortlessly. Perhaps it sounds a bit hocus pocus and maybe a little strange. But as you just don’t know what will happen you want to know more? You have seen stage hypnotists and really don’t want to quack like a duck or sing like Elvis. There’s no need to worry; here a share with you how my stop smoking hypnosis programme works. What your commitment will be…

How to stop smoking naturally

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking

Swapping one addiction for another? I wanted to know how to stop smoking naturally. There is the option to take medication to help you quit the fags but that’s not for everyone and can have some nasty side effects. Like me do you want to stop smoking without swapping smoking tobacco for another fix of nicotine just in a different form of delivery. Read on to learn about some other ways that don’t involve nicotine replacement such as patches, gum or moving to a vape. They can of course be…

Getting ready to quit smoking

Time for change - Smoking Cessation

Are you ready? Change is one of the constants in your life and getting ready to quit smoking signifies the start your journey. Over 20 years ago two alcoholism researchers, Carlo C. DiClemente and J. O. Prochaska, developed a model of change to help with addiction problems and motivation to change. Discover how ready you are, how you can move forward and the right mindset. It was my heart attack that catapulted me to the action stage, don’t wait for a life changing event first. Smoking cessation This term is…