These free stuff downloads are my way to be ‘the difference’ for you and how you can get to know me a little better. They are to help you with some of the practical things in life that have to be dealt with when living with heart disease.

Click here to download your Cheat Sheet of Cardiac Abbreviations
Confused by the terms and acronyms associated with a cardiac event? I know I was. I forgot things I was told at appointments and I was baffled by the contents of letters, reports and treatment plans. I have gathered together many common abbreviations, I hope you find this list helpful.

Click here to download your Cheat Sheet of Cardiac Medication
Following a cardiac event, you may be prescribed some or all of these medications that reduce your risk of having another cardiac event. This is called secondary prevention medication. This document lists the standard prescriptions with some tips and advice about taking them.

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This community is for you if you are trying to work out how to feel good after your life has been tipped upside down by a life-altering cardiac event and heart health issue. Let’s make it meaningful. Let’s make this group something we are proud of. Let’s make it somewhere you can go when the chips are down. A group where you can find solace, understanding and encouragement. I will post inspirational thoughts, empowering quotes and meaningful images. I share with you positive actions, quick tips & tricks that you can try so you can feel good now. Ask questions freely, there are no silly ones. Contribute to the community. Build relationships. Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others. Be the kind of supportive friend that you would want and need on your wellness journey. Let’s help one another learn the art of living happy. 

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My show focusses on your mindset, your thoughts and feelings, so you can feel good now. It’s about supporting you to make the lifestyle changes that will allow you to love the life you live. You can learn the art of living happy after a cardiac event or when living with heart disease. In each week’s episode, I will be sharing ideas, tips and tricks to transform how you feel after a cardiac trauma. Rehabilitation for how you think and your emotions so you can love the life you live. There will be weekly ‘how to’ episodes, interviews with special guests and Q&A sessions.

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I write about all the things that I think help you to feel good. I am a believer in it being different strokes for different folks, so give some ideas a try. If they work that brilliant, if not try adapting or just pass on by and try the next one. I’d love it if you would comment and leave any feedback. It would really make my day if you were to share them with friends and family too.

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