Your heart is a muscle and like other muscles in your body it needs to be used to keep it strong and healthy. Lack of regular exercise/activity makes it more likely that you will develop heart disease. Even if you have an active job it is not the same as taking regular moderate exercise.

Exercise and activity is important for heart health in many ways. Whilst you know this sometimes mental blocks can stop you wanting to exercise.

Is this you?

  • Feeling a lack of energy
  • Not liking the word exercise it seems like hard work
  • Feeling too self-conscious to exercise in public
  • Not wanting to sweat
  • Fear of failure
  • Not enough time
  • Lack of motivated
  • Can’t be bothered
  • The thought of doing is worse than the actual doing
  • Not knowing what exercise/activity to do
  • Not wanting to exercise alone
  • Convincing yourself you’ll ‘go tomorrow’ (every day).

Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching can help you break through those thoughts that hold you back and help you set goals, raise your motivation and start you making the most of your body. More often than not, getting your body moving and your heart pumping will make you feel better about yourself in general, leading to a healthier body and happiness in the long-term.

You gain the following from regular activity:

  • Your heart will become stronger and be more effective© creativecommonsstockphotos
  • You are less likely to have angina
  • Your circulation and breathing will improve
  • It will contribute to reducing your weight
  • It can help lower your blood pressure
  • Decrease in your bad cholesterol (LDLs)
  • Increases in your good cholesterol (HDLs)
  • It improves your immune system
  • Feeling more confident and give you a sense of well-being
  • It can reduce the risk of other diseases such as stroke and osteoporosis
  • It will help you sleep better
  • Over time it will help you feel less tired

Whilst I will not give you an exercise or activity programme I will work with you to set goals, remove barriers and improve your motivation. Before undertaking any new activities you should always check with your cardiac team or GP. It is particularly important if you decide to take up swimming or water based activities.

What is the Exercise Referral Scheme?
The scheme is funded by Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council to help improve the health of the community, promote active healthy lifestyles and decrease sedentary-related illnesses. Ask your cardiac team or GP for more details.