The My Heart & Mind podcast – the art of living happy with Sallie Crawley

Sallie Crawley Post Heart Attack
I’m on my way to Cardiac Rehabilitation at Papworth Hospital

I’m a heart attack and breast cancer warrior who loves life, cats, coffee and cars. Together we are going to explore the art of living happy after a cardiac event. This show is about helping you to get your emotional power back. To gain control of your life, your mind and body.

After a heart attack, cardiac arrest or when living with heart disease, it’s not just your physical body that has life-altering changes and needs rehabilitation. Your emotions and your world can be in turmoil too. My show focusses on your mindset, your thoughts and feelings, so you can feel good now. It’s about supporting you to make the lifestyle changes that will allow you to love the life you live. You can learn the art of living happy after a cardiac event.

In each episode of the My Heart & Mind podcast will be sharing ideas, tips and tricks to transform how you feel after a cardiac trauma. Rehabilitation for how you think and your emotions so you can love the life you live. There will be ‘how to’ episodes, interviews and Q&A sessions.

If you’ve had a cardiac event yourself or you’re the partner or friend of someone or have had any other life-changing event this podcast is for you. It’s about you and for you, so you can be the best you. Together we can learn the art of living happy after a cardiac event.

And the beat goes on … each moment at a time

Not sure what a podcast is, then let me explain, click here to read my post about how to listen to a podcast about emotional cardiac rehabilitation