8 Days 2 Feel Good Now Video Programme (self learning)

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Learn my 6 attitudes that will improve how you think and feel about the changes in your life since your heart attack or surgery.
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A heart attack or cardiac surgery can cause feelings of depression, anxiety and lack of energy. It is quite normal, although it can feel like no one seems to understand. It’s not as simple as just being positive and getting on with it. If only it was that easy. With a little help and guidence you can feel confident, happy and eager to live your life again.

I've experienced both a heart attack and breast cancer and I share with you some simple techniques that helped me and others become emotionally resilient. It’s not what happens to you but how you react and adapt that really counts. You're ability to be flexible.

Hear about the six attributes that make a real difference to getting you back to the top of your game. These are acceptance, energy, hope, confidence, purpose and direction You can gain and grow these attitudes so that you feel empowered during your physical and emotional recovery.

Learn eight activities that can be used day after day. Each technique builds on the previous one. They build strong emotional foundations to help you create the life you want after a heart attack. They're simple and straightforward, tried and tested for success.

You'll be in good company as there have been many others who have been on a similar journey. You don't have to have had a heart attack or cardiac surgery to gain the benefits.

What you get:

  • A video learning series of 8 modules.
  • Each video comes with an activity for you to practice so you can see results.
  • All modules build on each other.
  • You can binge watch them one after the other or to get best benefits watch one every two days.
  • You'll also get your own personal journal.
  • Plus BONUS additional activities and cheat sheets.
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