Quit Smoking 6 Session Online Programme for Hearties

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If you smoke, have a heart condition and want to quit this 6 session group online quit smoking programme is for you.
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You may have tried to quit but haven’t quite managed it yet. Maybe you did quit originally but have gone back to smoking. Perhaps you want to quit vaping and be free from the addiction to nicotine. I am offering support, advice, coaching and hypnosis to help you stop smoking or vaping over 6 sessions.

The sessions will be held via Zoom as it is the most flexible platform for running this kind of activity. There will also be a private Facebook Messenger Group for real time support and encouragement.

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The key thing in quitting is the desire to stop smoking. Whilst this programme is for people that live with a heart health diagnosis I am happy to accept your partner or family members that you share a house with so enable you every chance of success.


Session 1 (Awareness): You will find out how accountability and tracking can help you quit. You will learn how quitting one habit and creating a new one is about mindset. You will bust any limiting beliefs you hold about your ability. You will decide what tools and support you are going to use to help you quit. You will learn you have control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Then 7 days later.

Session 2 (Planning): You learn the difference between addiction and habit. You will learn about positive language and how to use it to reach success. You'll get to feel good and anchor it for future use. You’ll learn what happens in withdrawal and how to manage cravings. You will get aligned no more of the “part of me does and part of me doesn’t’ feeling. You’ll have a clear plan of action. Then 7 days later.

Session 3 (Quit Day): You will quit smoking! This will include hypnosis and some other magic. The 2 days later.

Session 4 (Accountability): You will be 2 days smoke-free. As a group, we will decide on the date for the next session. You will feel empowered and motivated. You will be proud of yourself.

Session 5 (Support): You will be X amount of days smoke-free. As a group, we will decide on the date for the next session. You feel a sense of freedom and well-being. You will feel driven to continue being a quitter.

Session 6 (Going Forward): You will be X amount of days smoke-free. You will be confident in your ability and determination to be a non-smoker. You will believe that you will never ever smoke again. Not one puff.

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