Looking after your health at work

your health at work

On average an office worker spends about 1,800 hours at work per year. Averaging out to around 10 hours per day sitting time whilst in the office. How many of us work through our lunch hours scoffing down food at your desks or whilst in meetings. Checking emails at weekends and while we are on holiday. Is this looking after your health at work? This sitting down time isn’t just happening when we are at work, never mind the sitting time we do in our own time. It can even…

What is high blood pressure?

What you don’t know CAN hurt you - high blood pressure (hypertension)

A silent killer, an invisible disease! High blood pressure is silent as there are no obvious symptoms and often you aren’t aware that you have it as there are no particular symptoms. It isn’t until damage starts to happen that it is noticed, although luckily nowadays we have our blood pressure taken routinely at the doctors if we go for a visit. It is invisible as no one knows you are suffering from it, and that it takes determination, motivation and having to make life style changes to keep yourself well.…