Exercise, getting active and feeling strong

Exercise and activity

Is it just bum, legs & abs that need exercise? Your heart is a muscle and like other muscles in your body it needs to be used to keep it strong and healthy too. Lack of regular exercise or activity makes it more likely that you will develop heart disease. Even if you have an active job it is not the same as taking regular moderate exercise. Exercise and activity is important for heart health in many ways. Whilst you know this; sometimes mental blocks can stop you wanting to exercise.…

How to help a heart attack survivor


After a cardiac event having stents, pace makers and other bits fitted isn’t the fix that most people think. You can help! It’s only the beginning of a long road back to recovery. Both the survivors and their loved ones need support and understanding. The event can and indeed does change not only survivor’s lives, but the lives of those around and close to them. With the best will in the world you try to help someone you love and care about. You want to support your cardiac warrior. But…

Looking after your health at work

your health at work

On average an office worker spends about 1,800 hours at work per year. Averaging out to around 10 hours per day sitting time whilst in the office. How many of us work through our lunch hours scoffing down food at your desks or whilst in meetings. Checking emails at weekends and while we are on holiday. Is this looking after your health at work? This sitting down time isn’t just happening when we are at work, never mind the sitting time we do in our own time. It can even…