Exercise, getting active and feeling strong

Exercise and activity

Is it just bum, legs & abs that need exercise? Your heart is a muscle and like other muscles in your body it needs to be used to keep it strong and healthy too. Lack of regular exercise or activity makes it more likely that you will develop heart disease. Even if you have an active job it is not the same as taking regular moderate exercise. Exercise and activity is important for heart health in many ways. Whilst you know this; sometimes mental blocks can stop you wanting to exercise.…

What is life coaching?

Life Coach

Everyone needs a life coach Someone who believes in your abilities, and can also help you set clear life changing goals towards achieving the life you want. As your life coach, once I have helped you to identify the life goals you want to change or achieve. I will work with you to break them down in to manageable and reward steps. We will prioritise them and I will encourage you to believe that they really are achievable. There are many areas that you might need to work on to…