You can feel fine after a heart attack

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In my last post on this subject, I focussed on how you can help yourself with your emotional rehabilitation and at the same time be helping others to feel good too. Now it is all about you, yes really. You can feel fine after a heart attack. After a cardiac event, you may feel like you’ll never feel fine again. It’s not the case, you just need a little time, cardiac rehabilitation for the body and the mind.  It’s time to share with you activities to calm your mind, care…

Healthy eating and body confidence

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One lifestyle change that affects and reduces a number of risk factors our health and has a positive effect on our feelings about ourselves and our bodies is to eat healthy and weight loss or gain. It sounds so easy doesn’t it, but it’s not. You start off optimistic, motivated and raring to go but then the reality of everyday life kicks in. Healthy eating and body confidence helps you to feel good and have energy to face the world. Initially I lost weight drastically after my heart attack and…

How to get your happy back with 5 positive things

How to get your happy back

No matter how much you want to have positive thoughts. No matter how many times you remind yourself (and others) to stop focusing on the negative. It is never as easy as it seems. You know it will enrich your life. Yet you keep slipping back into the thoughts that erode away your confidence, your self belief and your motivation. You can get your happy back. Negative and positive thoughts   The benefits negative moods, feelings and thoughts can provide: • Clear focus and great when problem solving • More attention…