How to lower your blood pressure

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The causes of high blood pressure can be many and varied, as can the ways to lower your blood pressure From genes or the environment, in the body’s normal functions including changes to kidney fluid and salt balances, sympathetic nervous system (responsible for fight or flight), and blood vessel structure and function. Some of the factors are not within our ability to change. Such as the structure and function of our blood vessels and genetics. But other elements are can definitely be influences by our behaviour. Whilst we know that they…

What is high blood pressure?

What you don’t know CAN hurt you - high blood pressure (hypertension)

A silent killer, an invisible disease! High blood pressure is silent as there are no obvious symptoms and often you aren’t aware that you have it as there are no particular symptoms. It isn’t until damage starts to happen that it is noticed, although luckily nowadays we have our blood pressure taken routinely at the doctor’s if we go for a visit. It is invisible as no one knows you are suffering from it, and that it takes determination, motivation and having to make lifestyle changes to keep yourself well.…