How to listen to a podcast about emotional cardiac rehabilitation

Emotional Cardiac Rehabilitation Podcast

Emotional Cardiac Rehabilitation Podcast …… coming 16 July 2020 …… I’m starting the ‘my heart & mind podcast‘ for people that have survived a heart attack, cardiac arrest or are living with a heart-related diagnosis. It’s an emotional cardiac rehabilitation podcast for the mind and how you feel. It’s for you if your life has been turned upside down and you feel like you’re spinning out of control. Each week my emotional rehabilitation podcast will include a range of self-help tips, positive psychology ideas, special guest interviews and Q&A sessions.…

What is NLP?

NLP Head

You hear a lot about how life changing NLP can be, but what is NLP? It’s an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that was developed in the 1970’s. It is a quick and effective coaching therapy that helps you live and love life in a way that you want to quickly and easily. It breaks negative thought patterns, changes behaviours, improves how you feel, creating excellence and setting life-changing goals. Change how you think, feel and behave I believe that when you change how you think, you’re able to effect…

How to help a heart attack survivor


After a cardiac event having stents, pace makers and other bits fitted isn’t the fix that most people think. You can help! It’s only the beginning of a long road back to recovery. Both the survivors and their loved ones need support and understanding. The event can and indeed does change not only survivor’s lives, but the lives of those around and close to them. With the best will in the world you try to help someone you love and care about. You want to support your cardiac warrior. But…