What is life coaching?

Life Coach

Everyone needs a life coach Someone who believes in your abilities, and can also help you set clear life changing goals towards achieving the life you want. As your life coach, once I have helped you to identify the life goals you want to change or achieve. I will work with you to break them down in to manageable and reward steps. We will prioritise them and I will encourage you to believe that they really are achievable. There are many areas that you might need to work on to…

How to help a heart attack survivor


After a cardiac event having stents, pace makers and other bits fitted isn’t the fix that most people think. You can help! It’s only the beginning of a long road back to recovery. Both the survivors and their loved ones need support and understanding. The event can and indeed does change not only survivor’s lives, but the lives of those around and close to them. With the best will in the world you try to help someone you love and care about. You want to support your cardiac warrior. But…

How to calm anxiety, control anger and reduce pain

Breathing is most important

Anxiety can have a great impact on your daily life. There are many different treatments available; these can range from psychological therapy and medication to going on a self-help course, exercising regularly, quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine. But there is one simple process that you already do that can help you to quickly and easily calm anxiety. Just breathe Are you fed up with being uptight and anxious? Do you find pain too much to bear? Does sleep evade you? Would you like a clearer mind?…