Rules for Being Human after a Cardiac Event

KNow the rules

I needed to find acceptance for the rules for being human It was in 2016 that I realised that this would be the first step of my recovery from a heart attack and breast cancer. I realised that I needed to accept and understand the differences in my life. To learn my new rules for being human and my new existence as a warrior of life. I found the following rules for being human to inspirational and help me to accept and come to terms with how I was feeling…

You can feel fine after a heart attack

Young boy meditating in a field.

In my last post I focussed on how you can help yourself with your emotional rehabiliation and at the same time be helping others to feel good too. Now it is all about you, yes really. You can feel fine after a heart attack. After a cardiac event you may feel like you’ll never feel fine again. It’s not the case, you just need a little time, cardiac rehabiliation for the body and the mind.  It’s time to share with you activities to calm your mind, care for your body,…

Colour me healthy and happy

Colour swatch for Sallie Crawley

Have you noticed that sometimes you get compliments and you’re not sure why? It can often be when you are wearing something you have had in the wardrobe for years. I hear myself saying ‘what this old thing’. Self-care was never high on my agenda I had been feeling down in the dumps and pretty fed up when I received an opportunity to have some self-care. Having ‘me’ time is really important for our well-being and feeling like we have our ‘new normal’. Sometimes you might worry that you are…