20 Minute Guided Relaxation Journey

You can have a break away from it all without leaving your home

  • When you quieten your mind like with meditation, you relax and this means your stress levels fall significantly.
  • Your body begins to calm and normalise, including your blood pressure.
  • The soothing qualities of the relaxed state bring peace to the mind, body and nervous system.
  • You are then able to break through the hyperactively in your aroused imbalanced autonomic nervous system and as a result, your nervous system is able to reset itself.
  • Tension and discomfort can feel so much worse if you hold yourself uptight.
  • This audio download will guide you, so you can relax your body and your mind. It really can have a fantastic effect.

A twenty-minute break to drift off and relax, take time out for yourself and let any tension float away. Get yourself comfortable in a chair at a time when you won’t be disturbed. Turn off the phone, place your feet flat on the floor and your hands loosely in your lap. Then gently close your eyes, r … e … l … a … x and breathe out. Use this recording as many times as you wish, ideally every day, but 3 times a week is a good start.

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How you might feel

While listening to the recording you will enjoy a pleasant feeling of complete relaxation, nothing else. It is a natural state of relaxation and increased awareness in the mind. Just enjoy the pleasant feeling of total relaxation as all the stresses and strains of the day disappear. In fact, you will feel just the way you normally do when you are falling asleep – fully relaxed but fully aware of what is going on around you.

Your body may well start to feel heavy or light; you may even experience a slight tingling sensation in your fingers or toes. Again, this is perfectly normal. Time may appear to pass more quickly and most of the time you will feel that you would be able to open your eyes if you wanted to, but because you are in such a relaxed state, it feels more comfortable to keep them closed. Most people feel very relaxed and even quite sleepy after hypnosis and often find that they sleep better that night.

Instructions for use

Do not play this recording whilst driving or at any other time when you need to maintain full conscious awareness.

This recording can be listened to at any time. During the day when you are seated, place your feet on the floor with your hands resting gently in your lap, at a time and in a place when you are least likely to be disturbed.

You can also listen to it at bedtime, and it is quite normal for you to go to sleep whilst listening. This is fine.

The volume should be set so that it’s not so loud that it’s intrusive, but not so quiet that you can hardly hear it; in other words at a nice comfortable level.