Indian head massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which has been practised for over a thousand years. It involves a massage to the head, face, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. The massage relieves tension in the muscles; it can be relaxing, stimulating and invigorating. Sounds divine doesn’t it, a real treat? Actually, Indian head massage isn’t simply a ‘treat’ – it can help with a variety of physical and emotional issues.

What is Indian head massage good for?

pixabay back-pain-1491802Eases migraines, headaches and back pain
It can help relieve the built up tension that can often results in headaches, migraines, neck and back pain. Indian head massages relax the muscle and nerve fibres of the head, neck and shoulders, while increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation in the tissues.  Just as the neck, shoulders and back, the jaws are a major place for physical stress to accumulate. The massage can also help alleviate sinusitis.

Reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress
Massaging the head encourages the supply of oxygen to the brain. It is one of the best ways of reducing anxiety and of lifting your mood. Oxygen helps you think clearly and creatively. A similar effect is experienced through exercise. It stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) which uplifts the mood and induces feelings of relaxation and calm.

Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia
These are often side-effects of stress. Indian head massage will immediately relieve stress and promote relaxation by attacking the physical symptoms. As a result allowing for a deeper sense of well-being and relaxation and opening your body to better rest.

Renews energy levels
The Ayurvedic concept goes beyond the limits of healing and places emphasis on balance. Working on the chakras through Indian head massage has a powerful effect in bringing the energy of the body back into balance. It encourages the release of stagnant energy and helps promote a balanced energy system.

Boosts memory capabilities
Often we have short-term memory difficulties because our brains are overloaded with disorganised thoughts. Indian head massage slows us down. As a result sensual awareness takes over, thoughts quieten and attentiveness is brought to the forefront. It’s similar to rebooting your computer.

Detoxifies the body
Indian head massage stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the head neck and shoulders therefore helping to remove waste products from the body. In addition boosting overall immunity and improving circulation, which in turn increases energy levels.

Promotes hair growth
This is a lovely side effect of the Indian head massage. The massage increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle this stimulates hair growth.

What to expect from an Indian head massage

An Indian head massage is a fabulous way to get in the now, to be in the moment. It helps release tension and as a result gives you the opportunity to be far away from everyday physical and emotional issues and mental stress.

The massage usually last between 35-45 minutes. It is performed in a chair. It can be carried out with oils with you wrapped in a towel. Alternatively it can be carried out over clothes if preferred with no oils (this is ideal in an office environment).

Initially starting at the upper back. I will begin by applying pressure to points that dissolve knots and relax the muscles. Then I move to the shoulders and upper arms to release other common areas of tension. Down the lower arms, hands and fingers. Then back up to the neck and head to release headache-causing blockages and to encourage better circulation. The massage then progresses to the scalp. Relaxing the entire head, encouraging circulation and stimulating hair growth. Lastly, I will perform a gentle face massage.

Top tip
Whilst you are bound to feel fabulous after an Indian head massage. There is a very high chance you may not look great. Whether you have chosen to use oils or not, your hair will look tousled. Potentially like you haven’t washed for over a week! Make sure to take a hairbrush and band, or a hat to wear on the way home.