Life CoachingEveryone needs a coach; someone who believes in your abilities, and can also help you set clear life changing goals towards achieving the life you want

Once I have helped you to identify the life goals you want after a heart attack. I will work with you to prioritise them and encourage you to believe that they really are achievable. There are many areas that you might need to work on to get where you want. For example: your health and fitness, stress management, relationships (personal, business or family), career or finances.

Sometimes we limit our potential and ourselves by our thoughts. Many talented people develop the belief that they are destined to remain in their current situation. This is usually the problem. Coaching helps you to break negative belief patterns and set challenging aspirations that are realistic and achievable.

For example, many people want to earn more money and, as a goal, this is fine as far as it goes. However, what we often forget is that in order to achieve this ultimate goal, we might need to be specific about how much, by when, for what and by which method, develop a timely plan, focus our actions, and be aware that we want to improve our fitness and balance our lives in the process. My coaching can help you to set goals by asking you such questions and challenging responses.

As your coach I will encourage you, motivate and support and challenge you. I want you to succeed but only you can do it

The laws of physics state that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it simply changes its form ensuring that you take action. Through coaching, you will be working on channelling your energy into a more effective form. The simple truth is that what you want is out there waiting for you to grasp it.

You will agree actions that will be reviewed and your progress monitored. You may receive material via email to support and enhance your tailored coaching programme that will be unique and personal to you. If you wish to set and achieve goals and become everything you are capable of becoming, coaching is what helps you make it.